Vaporware Studios
Type Private
Founded 2015
Headquarters Vancouver, Canada
Industry Video Games
Products Phantom War
"We in no way are in conflict with DECA, but we were disappointed with how Warzone turned out. So we decided to take the experience and revive our franchise with the new vision we had collected over the years of working on Warzone."
―Vaporware spokesman about their foundation.
Vaporware Studios is an independent and privately held video game developer located in Vancouver, Canada. The studio was formed in 2015 from former DECA employees who had formerly worked on the Phantom War series as .44 and W&W Industries.

The company's name is a reference to the beloved character Aaron Faulkner from Phantom War III nicknamed "Vapor". They entered the market with the release of Phantom War: Aftermath in 2018, which was published by Sparklight Interactive