"We didn't like any of the engines available at the time, so we decided to put our college degrees to use and make our own. Because of that, we've made a realistic engine that can be used for any type of game whenever needed."
― Ethan Sumner
Ultimate Experience Engine
UEE logo (2017-present)
Developer(s) Infinite Development Incorporated
Stable release UEE Mk.I / June 7, 2013
Key designer(s) Ethan Sumner
Written in C++, Python, UltimateScript
Operating system(s) Cross-platform
Available in English
Type Game engine
License IDI Gen. 1
Version(s) 4 (2 test, 2 full)
  • UEE Mk.0-1
  • UEE Mk.0-2
  • UEE Mk.I
  • UEE Mk.II

The Ultimate Experience EngineUEE for short, is a game engine developed by Infinite Development Inc. and used in all of their games. The engine was entirely built from scratch, with the entire staff of IDI working on it. The engine has been modified to add or remove certain game features and change gameplay experiences.

The UEE was originally made to create the most realistic game experience possible, but was later changed to creating a great-looking, easily modifiable engine capable of multiple genres and art styles. The engine's development initially started in 2010 and was not completed until mid-2013.

The engine was first used in the cancelled game Battlegrounds, where it was classified as the "UEE Mk.I" by the staff at IDI. Before the release of Tank Commander, all that was known was that a faux engine known as the Project Nexus Engine was going to be used. Once the game was released, the official name was given.

The engine is planned to be used in the studio's other projects and is currently sharing rights with Prime Studios for usage of the engine.

Development HistoryEdit