H.A.Z.A.R.D (Herpetic.Abditive.Zoetic.Addle.Decollates) Game Ideas

By Graysmog, ILoveBeefJerkey, and my awesome XBOX Live friends (Thanks for the support bros!) Okay guys, so here it is, a game idea by the name of H.A.Z.A.R.D. Now, I know it isn't spectacular right now, but don't worry!  More information (and general "pizzazz") will be added to this article daily. For now, please enjoy the ideas inside my and my friends' noggins.

Side Note: If it wouldn't be too much to ask, I'd like your guys's help. While I typically know what I'm going to include in the game, I still want to hear your voice! Tell me what you feel should be included or shouldn't, and if the idea enhances the game, I'll add or take it away. Thank you everyone for listening, have a pleasant day!

Side Note #2: Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  Would you kindly comment more on this piece? Seriously fellas, I need more of your input!  I'm always looking to edit and improve, so let me know what you want to see!

Your Friend; Gray Greytin Smog

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-"We...Are...All...That ...Remain..." Official tagline for H.A.Z.A.R.D

"I was asked a question once, by a curious wayfarer.  How had I survived so long on this forsaken chunk of rock?  I told him what I'd told every other survivor of this hazardous environment. 'All those people suffocating in their sleep was a tragedy; if only they had appreciated the extent of my talents sooner.  Maybe the Gnashers would have eaten them alive, at least that fate would have been more humane."

Quote by Xaem Atrius

"H.A.Z.A.R.D" is a Third-person/First-Person Shooter experience heavily laced with Sci-Fi elements. The game focuses on a war between two races on a ravaged planet. Their war has raged for hundreds of years, neither race gaining the upper hand. However, a recent savage assault has turned the tide, forcing the other race to retreat deep into their own territory. If the attacks persist, the devastated race will be eradicated and forced into extinction. This is the section of the war where "You", the player (Xaem), begins. Xaem's mental instability, violent tendencies and mysteriously shrouded past are the narrative backdrop for your journey through the ravaged world. Your travels will unite you with three other equally interesting individuals, all of whom will be playable. Choosing your character will determine your fate, and possibly the fate of the wounded race. After the player succeeds in their mission in the "Singleplayer" and "Co-Op Campaign", the player finds themselves twenty years into the future. Both races are slowly recuperating after the massive destruction on both sides, but now a new threat has arrived, and it's not peaceful. Donning the role of either race at any point in time, the player must succeed in several missions with their own team in order to win. The war still continues, but at least you can change the tide of battle (hopefully).


PC / Macintosh Controls

Mouse/Touchpad: Look Around

W,A,S,D: Move Forwards, Backwards, and Sideways

Arrow Keys: Press Left For Healing Items, Right for Deployable Items, Down for Gestures and Up for Personal Munitions

Mouse Wheel or Number Keys: Switch Weapons (Hold "1" to Pick Up Weapon) (Press "0" for Anti-Vehicle/Anti-personal weapons)

Left Mouse Button: Use Equipped Weapon

Right Mouse Button: Aim with Equipped Weapon

Spacebar: Jump (Hold to go higher) (Tap twice to Double Jump)

Shift Key: Hold Down to Sprint

ALT KeyActivate the Command Reel (Use your Mouse to click to click on a specific command) (Each "Command" is as follows: Stay Back, Move Up, Help, Give Ammo, Give Health, Give Armor and Follow Me)

Ctrl Key: Use TECH/GEAR (Press again to cancel your TECH/GEAR) (Hold down to activate your TECH/GEAR's secondary ability)

C Key: Crouch (Press Twice to go Prone) (Tap when running to Roll, Dive or Slide)

F Key: Activate/Deactivate Mods on Weapons

M Key: Melee (Press once for Light Melee Attack and twice for a Heavy Melee Attack) (Hold when behind an enemy to "Terminate")

R Key: Reload Equipped Weapon (Remember, reloading your weapon wastes all ammo in your magazine) (Hold to check ammunition)

G Key: Throw Grenade (Remember, grenades have a cooldown period during this time) (Hold down to "cook" certain grenades.)

P Key: Access Pause Screen 

I KeyAccess In-Game Inventory

S Key: Access Game Stats

XBOX 360 / XBOX ONE Controls

A: Jump (Hold to go higher) (Tap twice to Double Jump)

B: Crouch (Press Twice to go Prone) (Tap when running to Slide, Roll or Dodge)

X: Reload Equipped Weapon (Remember, reloading your weapon wastes all ammo in your magazine) (Hold to Check Ammunition)

Y: Switch Weapons (Hold to Pick Up Weapons) (Hold down when not by obtainable weapon for Anti-Vehicle/Anti-Personnel Weapons)

Left Trigger: Aim with Equipped Weapon

Right Trigger: Use Equipped Weapon

Left Analog Stick: Move Forward, Backwards, and Sideways (Hold down to Sprint)

Right Analog Stick: Look Around (Press down once to perform a Light Melee Attack) (Press down twice quickly to perform a Heavy Melee Attack)

Left Bumper: Throw Grenade (Remember, grenades have a short Cooldown Period.) (Hold down to "cook" certain grenades.)

Right Bumper: Use TECH/GEAR (Press again to shut down TECH/GEAR) (Hold to activate TECH/GEAR secondary ability)

D-Pad: Press Up for Personal Munitions, Down for Gestures, Left for Replenishing Items and Right for Deployable Items

Back Button: Access Command Reel (Use the Right or Left Analog Stick to choose an option and press the "A" button to select a Command) (Each "Command" is as follows: Stay Back, Move Up, Help, Give Ammo/Health/Armor and Follow Me)

Start Button: Access Pause Screen/Game Stats/Inventory (Use the Right/Left Bumpers to select a specific tab relating to each screen)

Playstation 3 / Playstation 4

X: Jump (Hold to go higher)

O (Circle): Crouch (Press twice to go Prone)

SquareReload Equipped Weapon (Remember, reloading your weapon wastes all ammo in your magazine) (Hold to check ammunition)

Triangle (: Switch Weapons (Hold to pick up weapons) (Hold down when not by obtainable weapon for Anti-Vehicle/Anti-Personal Weapons)

Left Trigger: Aim with Equipped Weapon

Right Trigger: Use Equipped Weapon

Left Analog Stick: Move Forward, Backwards, and Sideways (Hold Down to Sprint)

Right Analog Stick: Look Around (Press down once to Perform a Light Melee Attack) (Press down twice quickly to perform a Heavy Melee Attack)

Left Bumper: Throw Grenade (Remember, grenades have a short cooldown period.) (Hold down to "cook" certain grenades.)

Right Bumper: Use TECH/GEAR (Press again to shut down TECH/GEAR) (Hold down to activate your TECH/GEAR's secondary ability)

D-Pad: Press Left for Replenishing Items, Right for Deployable Items, Up for Personal Munitons and Down for Gestures

Back Button: Access Command Reel (Use the Right or Left Analog Stick to choose an option and press the "X" button to select a Command) (Each "Command" is as follows: Stay Back, Move Up, Help, Give Ammo/Health/Armor and Follow Me)

Start Button: Access Pause Screen/Game Stats/Inventory (Use the Left/Right Bumpers to select a specific tab relating to each screen)

Game Mechanics

If you guys are wondering, this is specifically about the game's other minor details that I feel don't need to be put in their own category. These can include assassinations, certain guns losing all ammo remaining in their clip, how your health and armor regenerate ... yada yada yada. Okay, so, enjoy!

Note I decided to shorten this section quite a bit, to make it much easier to read. Hope it helps.

Health Management/Armor Management

Weapon/Ammuniton View

General Storyline

Outside our world in a distant galaxy, there is a tremendous dilemma. On the corrupted planet (simply referred to as Suris), two races have been at war for centuries. The two alien races are known as the Avareth ... and the Vul. Before the war had even started, both races were one. Upon advancing in technology over the years, the race began to experiment with newly discovered materials not fully understood. As their work brought in more employees and volunteers, the race slowly began to expand it's influence to farther reaches of the planet. Many members of the race joined in on the phenomenon and even aided in it's research. What most didn't know, however, was that the experiments created incredibly deadly chemicals, which they dumped out into the environment to keep their advanced settlements clean. As time passed, the waste the race produced began to contaminate much of the planet, as well as it's inhabitants. The chemicals infected much of the worlds water supply, as well as it's soil. Forced to retreat into their settlements, the race let the world outside their reinforced walls rot. Many members of the race were not allowed into such settlements, as they were sick.

Forced to fend for themselves, the contaminated members of the race began to slowly mutate due to years of contact with the waste. The mutated race, later referred to as the Vul, began to lose much of their intelligence. They slowly became feral and animal-like, the waste increasing many of their other attributes. Eventually, the Vul began to multiply. They became stronger with every new generation, and even gained the ability to "evolve" by forming a cocoon around themselves and emerging as a beast adapted to it's environment. Upon the race expanding into the Vul's territory, the race had it's first official encounter with such beasts. Many of the smaller settlements were destroyed by the Vul, the inhabitants never heard from again. Forced into action, the race began creating advanced tools of destruction. They created technologically advanced armor, which enhanced their performance and protected them from many of the Vul's attacks. They used firearms that used plasma or focused light as ammunition, the bullets easily able to tear through the Vul's flesh.

The race then created the Avareth, an organization containing highly skilled members of the race who were meant to eliminate all Vul on Suris. However, even with their advancements, their strikes against the mutated species proved pointless. The Avareth only enabled the Vul to adapt to their attacks, causing some members to evolve with acid-spitting capabilities and reinforced skin. Now, with both races at a stalemate, the Avareth are starting to "recruit" other members of their race all around the world, turning them into cold-blooded soldiers for the Avarethian Army. A man known as Xaem is forced into the Avareth's ranks, where the race begins to discover his incredible skill. Xaem is one of the few members of the race who has been contaminated with the waste, but has kept his intelligence and general appearance. With this man, the Avareth hope to send Xaem and their most skilled soldiers for a final assault on the Vul at their main hive. Will Xaem be able to complete his mission, or will he discover that everything is not as it seems?


There's always a large amount of characters in videogames. Right now, were going to highlight the major ones, but I'll probably place other lessly known people here...eventually. If you have an idea for a character, go ahead and send me a message. Who knows, you might get lucky enough for your character to be featured. Anyways, let's see who the player's going to meet and decide right off the bat if their evil bastards or not.

Xaem Atrius

A once simple man turned mildly insane, Xaem is the leader of the squad meant to eliminate the Vul's main hive. Before being forcibly enrolled in the Avarethian organization, Xaem used to live by himself. He was once an inhabitant of the Avareth's compound, at least when he was a small child. Over time, however, Xaem slowly began to change. He noticed the change in the Avareth's behavior and their sudden kidnapping of individuals. His family, a rather poor set of people, was taken from him when he was only eleven. Fortunately, Xaem's brother was still with him. For years, his brother hid him from the rest of the Avareth. Unfortunetly, as their world crumbled around them, so did the people. As the inhabitants of Suris became more scared of being kidnapped and eaten by the Vul, many conducted riots. These riots ended up killing Xaem's older brother, whom they thought was an Avarethian official (due to his apparel). Lost and alone, Xaem left the Avarethian compound at the age of sixteen thanks to the city's riots devastating military forces. Thanks to living in the desert-like region outside of his true home, Xaem began to grow insane due to him dwelling upon his past and the wasteland's conditions.

Eventually, Xaem gained a split personality that began to grow as he grew older. Around the age of twenty, an Avarethian fleet came by his makeshift home. Realizing that the Avareth were scrounging for materials near the abandoned compound, Xaem sprang into action. Successfully subduing around five individuals, Xaem managed to defeat most of the Avareth's search team before a young female Avarethian warrior stabbed a sleep-agent filled needle into his neck. After this, Xaem was forced to work for the Avareth and perform their horrible tasks. Ironically, despite his insanity, Xaem is the leader of his squad and is exceptional at his job. However, he constantly deals with his memories of the past and can't get over them, forcing him to fight with his second personality (which is a rather cruel fictional voice of his long dead brother).

After having his own home blown to smithereens thanks to Garin's crashed space shuttle, Xaem is now at odds with Garin and still resides some hostility towards the man. Despite this, the two have become close friends and have been known to share personal stories or past memories, something Rema herself is reluctant to do and something Neous himself cannot do. Unlike the other characters in the series, Xaem has been shown to not have much skill in general combat, relying more on his instincts and reflexes. This is shown early on in the game, especially during the intro cutscenes where Xaem is shown to be easily beaten in fist fighting upon Garin slamming his metallic fist into his chin, nearly knocking him unconscious and when Rema herself nearly broke one of Xaem's arms during their first confrontation. Despite this, however, Xaem still remains the leader of the team and has proven worthy of such a position as the Co-Op Campaign continues.

Garin Orus

A purely man-made being, Garin is a level-headed person who is known for his incredibly sneaky nature. Unlike his fellow colleagues, Garin never talks. This is due to a malfunction in his programming that doesn't allow him to form coherent sentences, making him feel embarrassed and ashamed of his glitchy voice, which eventually caused him to weld his mouth shut. Upon welding his mouth, Garin felt no pain, another effect of his robotic traits. Garin was one of the few enslaved robotic creations of the Avarethians, a high-tech race. Forced to work for a man who constantly harmed him, Garin had had enough.One day, upon his safe return from a raid outside of his "home", the man who owned demanded he go back outside. He reprimanded Garin for hours after he refused to and brought a large object down on his head.

This object ended up denting the left side of his head, but also smashed a chip that made him loyal to the man. After this, Garin snuck inside his owners room and strangled the man to death before leaving and hitching a ride on an Avarethian trade ship, showcasing his general skill in the hidden arts.

After almost a month of hiding in the ship's lower decks, Garin was found out by the ship's A.I system known as "Zera". Zera almost revealed the automaton before he explained to her his plight. Feeling pity for him, Zera decided to help him, showing him more areas to hide in and how to pilot the ship. This eventually lead to Garin forcibly taking over the carrier and accidentally sending it straight down to an area a few miles from Xaem Atrius' makeshift hideout. Before he left, however, Garin took another chip from the ship's rubble and downloaded Zera into it via the ship's devastated central mainframe, placing her inside of his head for safe keeping, as he promised the woman he would give her a new life.

Upon his shuttle crashing, however, he accidentally destroyed Xaem's makeshift home and ended up fighting the man. This fight soon ended after both men were forced to defend themselves from an onslaught of Avarethian men and women, both beings gaining a mutual respect for each other after said event. Ironically, despite Garen's lack of training, he has proven a great assest to the team and is incredibly talented in the hidden arts. His body, thanks to it's robotic augmentations, makes him feel little to no pain and allows him to stay completely still even while under fire, making him the perfect sniper. Garin also cannot regenerate health, but is easily able to regenerate armor and can easily not be detected by most enemies while sneaking.

Neous Cive

Originally, Neous was no different than any other race on Suris. He was one of the few generals serving under Merics command, becoming one of the man's most trusted official overall. Neous himself survived nearly sixteen different major battles, one causing him to be the sole survivor. Ironically, this would eventually prove to be his downfall. As Merics realized Neous' potential, he enrolled the man into a program meant to increase his strength and resilience tenfold. Not one to disobey orders, Neous agreed to the program and went through several agonizing tests before being mutated over the course of three years.

This process, while making Neous stronger also decreased his intelligence, as the program was meant to create Avareth who could outperform the Vul. The project failed and caused horrible disfigurations to occur on Neous body. He became bigger, much larger than the regular Avareth, standing about sixteen feet in height if he actually stood up (instead of slouching due to the massive amounts of muscles in his arms). His leather-like skin became rough and rigid, much like rock. After this, Neous discovered what he had become, a true monster. When he decided to confront Merics about it, the facility's guards turned on him and forced him to kill his own brethren or die otherwise. In doing so, Neous became angered and attacked Merics, breaking the man's spine and crippling him for life. However, Merics didn't go down so easily.

After having his back broken, Merics sent even more guards to Neous whereabouts as he attempted to escape the testing area. The guards incapacitated him and brought him back to his cell, now refurbished with a series of electrified bars and deadly forcefield-like walls. Forced to rot in his cell, Neous didn't have much time to do anything besides think. Thanks to his lowered level of intelligence, however, this proved to be rather difficult. Soon after his imprisonment, Neous himself was accidentally released after Garin landed his ship near Xaem's home, the ship's rubble itself smashing into a transport vehicle near it's location, the vehicle itself holding Garin. This allowed Garin to escape thanks to the transporters loss of power, and eventually led him to the others.

Thanks to his massive size, Neous can take a massive amount of punishment and can dish it out just as painfully. He can easily control most heavy weapons, and has many abilities focused around melee and defense. He also can hold the most amount of ammunition for every weapon, and is specifically able to remove heavy obstacles an can toss living enemies (as well as certain items) numerous amounts of distances.

Rema Varit

Will be updated soon!

Merix Tarper

Known as the Singleplayer's protagonist and main antagonist in Co-Op, Merix is an incredibly intelligent bio-engineer working with the Avareth's most important officials to design deadly weaponry. While playing through Singleplayer, it is revealed that Merix is a gender-less species (known as the Cheiret, later accessible in Multiplayer as a playable species after completing Singleplayer on the hardest difficulty) that has recently been captured and used for scientific study across Suris. Merix, revered for his incredible intelligence, is forced to use his inventions for the wrong cause.

As the Singleplayer campaign progresses, Merix realizes that the species that abducted him and forced him into slavery is attempting to murder him, due to the Avareth discovering Merixs' leaking of information to others outside of his facility. Forced to fight for his own survival, players will follow Merix as he attempts to escape the cursed planet and clear his name. Unlike the Co-Op characters, players will have much more influence over Merix's life and can change the outcome of the game by performing certain actions. Merix is also a more unknown character throughout the series, as players in Co-Op don't even seem to recognize him (Xaem and Neous are exceptions to this however), as the man and his actions in Singleplayer were covered up in hopes of ceasing the start of a revolution.

Merix's own physical appearance is, ironically, hardly ever seen outside of Co-Op. This is due to the player themselves editing him to their liking throughout the campaign, his appearance being governed by how the player "upgrades" him with their selected skills. Despite this, Merix is typically portrayed as a muscular man standing tall with several pieces of medium armor adorned upon him and tubes running from his back to his neck, arms lower torso. He will also have odd markings littered all over both of his arms, bone like protrusions appearing only on his right arm. Finally, Merix will have one dark red eye while the other will be covered up by an integrated array of circuitry showcasing a holographic eye.


Yeah, that's right, H.A.Z.A.R.D's got some nasty killing machines just waiting or you to walk by, and trust me, there's quite a few of them. Ranging from the general cannon fodder of the battlefield to some of the worst foes to nearly one-hit kill you, here's all the bad guys your going to have to blast to hell to get anywhere.





































Well, here we are, another game with Singeplayer. Whoopdee-doo bazzle! I mean, what a new thing that's just recently come to video games! YAY! Er, jokes aside, welcome to H.A.Z.A.R.D's Singleplayer campaign. Today were going to be exploring the wonders of the world before the war (way before the Cooperative and Multiplayer storyline), and what happened when one man started it all. This man, known simply as Merix, will also become one hell of an enemy in the future. Until then, let's explore his past and discover the truth behind the Avareth's most guarded secret... The game begins with Merix walking down a long, white hallway (with him falling a few times and regaining his balance) filled with holographic arrows telling him where to go. The area somewhat resembles the Multiplayer map Tectonic, although it doesn't have nearly as much destruction. While Merix walks through the corridor, the beginning cutscene continues when he arrives at a room labeled as his own. He lays on his bed, his vision blurring even more as he grabs a picture off the desk beside his bed. It happens to be a picture of himself as a kid, with his father and mother by his side. Flashbacks pop on the screen showing him as a child, where the third flashback actually allows the player to begin playing. As the player maneuvers Merix through the odd flashback world, they'll notice the world changing. The beautifully painted walls around Merix will begin to peel and decay, and his clothing will become dirty. Eventually, the whole house will appear rotted and decayed. As Merix walks down the only path not rotted away, he comes across his parents room, with feminine sobbing sounds and a masculine, comforting voice. The player can choose as to whether Merix should open the door or not. If they choose to not open the door, Merix will make an attempt to open the door, refrain, then step back. Upon doing so, Merix will cause a bit of the floor to give way beneath him, forcing him to hold onto the edge.

As he does so, two men in armored suits come by the hole which Merix is grasping and begin laughing. One of the men will smash his armored boot against Merix's fingers, forcing him to fall into blackness as the flashback ends. If the player decides to open the door, they will see Merixs' mother and father holding each other, both dead and decaying. Merix will fall to his knees in the flashback as two armed men walk towards him and smack him in the head, knocking him unconscious. Upon the flashback ending Merix will blink rapidly three times and place his hands over his eyes, rubbing them to clear his blurry vision, hinting that he was crying. Depending on the player's actions, Merix will either touch the picture and place it back on it's stand (2nd choice) or toss it across the room (1st choice). After this, the player will be able to control Merix fully as he gets off the bed and explores his room. Merixs' room acts a lot like a simple tutorial, as pictures placed against the walls, bits of paper and even the television screen will show you how to move, shoot, etc.

Some of the items in the game (such as the flashlight that can be picked up beside the picture) will have an engraved marking on the handle, telling the player which button to press to activate it. After this small tutorial, Merix will look over to his right to where an odd machine is. This large, rusted machine is revealed to be a form of saving. The machine allows the user to enter via a door that slides upwards, sideways and downwards, the bottom portion of the split door acting as a staircase to the machine. As the player enters the machine, the machine's door's will close. The machine's insides will contain a seat built into the back of the machine, with the inside completely black. A large hologram will appear in front of Merix, showcasing a few menu options. These options will allow the player to save, exit the machine or load a previous game. Upon exiting the contraption, the player will be introduced to another machine across the room, which Merix stares at for a few moments. After staring, Merix states out loud that the machine "Could be of use", as he was rather lazy that day. Upon walking up to the other machine (Which is more of a square mold with a platform to stand on), Merix will press a few buttons on the control panel, allowing the player to scroll though three sets of armor. One is Light, one is Reinforced and another is Heavy. It is revealed now that the player can change their armor type upon entering these stations, and that the machine fixes armor completely upon doing so (unfortunately, changing armor will cause the machine to shut down after the player leaves the specified room.) When accessing these stations, the player also has the ability to acces suits unlocked from Multiplayer, Co-Op or from The Blackest Hollow. Some other suits can be included via DLC, and add a bit of variety to game play, each suit having it's own stats as well as it's own defects. After choosing a specific type of armor, Merix will exit the machine and access the control pad to his room, pressing a few buttons and eventually leaving altogether, opening the door again a moment later upon realizing he forgot something.

At this point, the player can fully control Merix, being able to walk around the room and examine Merix's things, Merix stating a series of lines upon examining certain things. For example, once the player crouches and looks underneath the bed, Merix will state that he hardly ever cleans under there, neglecting to put his hand under it upon seeing a red pair of eyes stare back at him. Other things can be interacted with in his room, including Merix's completely redesigned BC-R1 Frenzy rifle (ironically hidden underneath Merix's bed, only being able to be found after putting the code 3498 into the control pad by the door and discovering the code on Merix's own armor, only visible by using the mirror.), which, upon examination, gives a hidden achievement and a new skin for the rifle in Multiplayer. Ironically, if the player leaves early, Merix will hint that there's something of worth in the room by saying he still thinks he forgot something. Once the rifle is found, Merix will state he remembers what he needed (which is apparently something about "assurance".) Once the player examines everything (or just decides to leave), the player's Notebook notification will pop-up, allowing the player to read about whatever they happen to examine (or fight) throughout the game. 

After the player finally leaves, Merix will have to move right, due to the other side apparently being under "maintenance". The player will be able to guide him through multiple side rooms and can converse with people, although most conversations will be simple greetings. These simple greetings can range from work in the facility to the person's daily life, some even complaining about the suit's under layer grasping their crotch too hard. If the player's vigilant, one can find a small creature resembling a weasel with spikes covering it's body, a larger tail and a bigger physical structure. Upon examining the creature, Merix will pick it up and stroke it's head, the creature purring in a way similar to a cat with a more gurgled voice. He will place it back down a moment later and will record his findings of the creature inside of his Notebook, labeling the small creature as a Freck, more commonly known as the Vularion Blinder. The species itself attacks any smaller Vul while it is sleeping, gouging out one of it's eyes as it burrows deep into it's brain to feast. As it slowly devours the Vul's brain, the Vul itself can do nothing about it and will only feel a slight amount of pain during the first stage. The second stage involves the Freck burrowing deeper into the brain, causing severe pain and eventual death of the infected individual. After the death of the Vul, the Freck will lay it's spawn inside of the Vul's head and will leave, the spawn growing until it is able to burst out of the associated Vul's head and continue it's life cycle once again.

Once the player is done reading (or just decides to ignore the notebook notification), the player will be able to exit the entire area altogether and enter a seperate area resembling a cafeteria. Merix will notice a few people gesturing him to a table, stating in his mind that he doesn't know "who they are". If the player decides to sit down with them, the people ask Merix to follow them into a seperate room resembling a computer room. If Merix ignores them, he will notice one of his so called "friends" entering the same room, prompting him to enter it. Merix will show resentment to enter the room, but states in his own mind that it "doesn't seem like much of a choice" upon him noticing several people look straight at him curiously.

Upon walking into the room, players will notice the door shut behind them and a lone computer screen in front of them.

Cooperative (Co-Op)

Welcome to the cooperative mode of H.A.Z.A.R.D, kiddies. Today I'll be explaining to you the story-line of our dear Co-Op protagonists. So, let's get started, shall we?

After starting with a cut-scene like view, players will see Xaem in a third-person view during a storm, wearing a series of rags and tarnished armor resembling sections of Avarethian and Panoverian armor, possibly hinting that Xaem himself had met either race before the events of the campaign.


Almost every shooter on the market has a multiplayer. Whether it's good or bad is mainly up to the player. But, let's just imagine we actually have a GOOD multiplayer on our hands. For once, "H.A.Z.A.R.D"'s multiplayer is all about teamwork. Kills do not determine if your better than your teammates, only completing objectives and saving your teammates (among other things) counts. So, if your going to try being a lone-wolf most of the game, don't expect to get anywhere anytime soon. Welp, now that I've ruffled your feathers, let's get down to business.

Almost twenty years after the events of the Campaign, the Avareth are on their last leg. Prolonged fighting with the Vul (even after Xaem's success) has caused the race to slowly decline. Also, the Avareth are no longer alone. A new race, known as the Panover, has been discovered. The race despises the Avareth and the Vul, and will do anything it can to destroy them both. Caught in a massive war with their competitiors, all three factions must fight for their survival, or die trying...


H.A.Z.A.R.D, as it has been shown through Singleplayer and Co-Op, has a few factions resting inside of it's digital walls. Some factions are advanced, while others are feral and deadly. Pick your side, and maybe you can change the tide and make your faction the almighty rulers of Suris.

Avareth: A highly advanced faction, the Avareth are a force to be reckoned with. Living in large, isolated cities around Suris, the Avareth do not make much contact with the outside world. Thanks to their status on Suris' and the materials inside their cities, Avarethians have a vast range of technology at their disposal. Their armor is slim and fits almost perfectly on the wearer's body, also allowing wearer's to have their helmet and armor (which is placed on the back, somewhat like a backpack) to fold over them and eventually become a full-fledged suit of armor. Their weaponry is generally light-refracting( or uses laser-based ammunition), and each weapon can be folded over and unfolded for easy storage and access (except for ammo cartidges and grenades, of course). Unlike their Panoverian foes, the Avareth's weapons do more damage against health, having a faster firing rate and reload speed at the cost of damage and range. While the Avareth have a large amount of health, their armor is rather weak (but does not have many weak spots.) Thanks to their armor being almost one piece, Avareth have an easier time being in harsh environments (and also find it easier to maneuver through them). All Avareth, like their Panoverian rivals, come into battle equipped with two guns (a primary firearm and a secondary weapon), two types of grenades of their choosing, and a special ability the individual is able to activate at any time. This special ability, known simply as "Tech", allows the user to increase their performance greatly for a short period of time. This includes (but is not limited to): Plasmatic Claws, Jetpack, Force Punch, etc. Another ability that Avareth can equip themselves with is known as an "AUG" or "Augmentation", which is a temporary boost to a desired users body that is lost upon death (and therefore cannot be used again until found randomly after battles). These include stat boosts such as: Slugger (more melee damage, but takes more time to execute), Sprinter (faster running speed, but less time to run) and even Spy (takes longer to spot someone, but they stay spotted longer). All in all, the Avareth are well-rounded foot soldiers who can kill whoever stand in their way, well, most of the time...

Panover: An advanced faction more primitive than the Avareth, the Panover are the remains of the sick who were kept out of the Avareth's compounds and people who were lost after battles with the Vul. Unlike their Avarethian adversaries, Panover live in secret bases around Suris that are tiny and well hidden. Despite this, they keep moderate communication with other settlements. Panover also do not have almost limitless materials, so they salvage what parts they can find from dead Avareth, scrapyards, and the environments they take over. Thanks to this crisis, Panover must use "cobbled together" technology, limiting them in many ways. Their armor is thick and unruly, attached to the wearer by ropes and other materials. Their weaponry is a mish-mash of parts and ammunition, causing most of their weapons to work oddly. Most Panoverian weapons are Plasmatic, or use plasma as ammunition, which happens to do more damage against armor than anything else. Unlike the Avareth, Panoverian weapons have longer range and do more damage. However, this is somewhat negated by their longer firing and reload times. Panoverian armor is thick and reinforced, making thier armor very high. However, carrying such heavy equipment also leaves their health at a low state. Even so, their armor has a few weakspots and does not protect the Panover well from the environment (their heavy armor also causes them difficulty when they move through such hazardous terrain.) Like their Avarethian foes, all Panover come into battle with two weapons (a primary firearm and a secondary gun), two grenades of their choosing, and a special ability the individual can activate at any time. Such special abilities, known as "Gear" to the Panover, allows the user to greatly enhance their performance for a short period of time. This can include abilities such as Radar Jammer, Cloak, and even Dash. Another ability the Panover can equip themselves with is a "DEV" or "deviation", a temporary boost to the users stats that lasts until the user's death. These boosts can range from harmful (Flaming Slash is an example, it allows the user to do more melee damage against health but can damage the user if used improperly) to somewhat beneficial (an example of this would be Medicine Man, which allows the user to slowly regenerate health at the cost of less health to begin with). While they do have some flaws, the Panover are stone-skinned scavengers that can really pack a punch.

Vul: A species unintentionally created by the Avareth, the Vul are a carnivorous mix of mutants created by the Avareth's ignorant nature. Before the Vul were created, the species used to be another separate series of races that lived outside of the Avareth's compunds. Thanks to the Avareth releasing deadly waste and chemicals into the world around them, the races were introduced to the toxins and attempted to escape their torment. The races seeked the aid of the Avareth as the toxins invaded their food and water, and were shunned afterwards. Some individuals who came into contact with the men and women became sick, eventually being forced out by other Avarethian members and left for dead for an innumerable amount of time. The Avareth made no attempts to aid the diseased-ridden races, and simply shut themselves off from the outside world completely. This forced the already dying and hurt species back to their horrid living conditions. These conditions, however, had another unknown side-effect. The people eventually began to get better and much stronger, making them believe that they never needed the Avareth to begin with. This ideology made them believe ingesting and living even closer to the toxic chemicals would be "good" for them. The event that soon transpired was never officially proven, but is believed thanks to years of evidence that the infected individuals who ingested the liquid began to mutate at an insane rate, the people turning into beasts apparently much worse than the Vul themselves. However, after a few hours of slaughter, the beasts began to die, leaving a black sludge in their wake. This black sludge made life impossible wherever it landed, and severely poisoned others who came into contact with it. This event caused a split of the residents outside of the Avareth's foundations. The two sides, one believing they could control the power the disease gave them, stayed. The other side decided it was too dangerous to pursue the event any longer and decided to abandon the area and live on their own. After the split, the side that decided to stay continually experimented, eventually becoming the Vul we know today after hundreds of years. It is highly believed that the side that left eventually became the Panover (which would explain thier incredible knowledge on the Vul themselves), but no one has lived long enough to ask.

Multiplayer Difficulty Levels

Casual: Have you ever wanted to just relax in H.A.Z.A.R.D, or maybe just get used to the game upon first booting it up? Then Casual is for you. With the Casual difficulty active, you will only be placed in matches with others using the same difficulty. The mode itself, hence it's name, calms down H.A.Z.A.R.D's more fast-paced action and makes it a bit more forgiving. Weapons deal less damage, items are more plentiful and players will be able to regenerate shields/armor/health much faster than before. Players will also respawn in less than ten seconds and will only take a moment to be revived, even status effects will be outwright discarded. With this gamemode, however, players will receive less experience than for each and every activity and will also notice that games will have an extended time. Players will be harder to kill, so one must deal constant damage to any enemy in order to kill them.

'Sta'ndardJust as H.A.Z.A.R.D was meant to be played, welcome to multiplayer's standard difficulty! Players will feel the full brunt of the games forces and will have to adapt quickly in order to succeed. Players will also notice a few things different from their average shooter, including status effects and loss of ammuniton left in the clip whilst reloading. While these effects don't appear to be deadly, one would wish to be careful in order to not be cocky. Enemies and Allies alike will be able to be harmed, so players will have to work together in order to not accidentally kill each other. Unlike other gamemodes, Standard isn't that easy while still not being that tough, and thanks to that is one of the most balanced and fun difficulty level to date.

HardcoreA multiplayer difficulty level meant only for the experienced and daring, Hardcore is a gamemode that makes everything in H.A.Z.A.R.D incredibly deadly. Weapons will deal an incredible amount of damage, status effects will become death sentences and random map events will be able to wipe you and your team out in a matter of seconds. However, with these upgrades also comes some downgrades. Ammuniton, health and armor will become incredibly scarce, abilitities will take twice as long to activate and enemies (as well as allies) will not be marked on the hud or map, making it nearly impossible to tell the difference between frind and foe alike.






"Evacuation" Is a simple gamemode where players must complete a series of objectives to escape a specified map. Whichever team completes the most objectives first wins. Each objective must be completed in a set amount of time, if it is not completed in the alotted time, the objective will be discarded and another will be picked. Completing an objective early adds time to the next objective. If the team fighting against the Vul fails too many objectives, the team will automatically lose. These objectives mainly consist of opening /closing locked doors whilst protecting the team member who opens/closes the door and fending off enemies at specified points. All teammates must make it to the end for the maximum amount of points. Rather new players will find it easy to dive into this game mode. Vehicles can be found, but only certain vehicles for specified objectives can be found.


"Survival" is a gamemode all about skill. Players (who start off as the Avareth or Panover) must stay alive until the timer reaches zero, whilst trying to avoid the Vul. This game mode is suggested for experienced players, as the Vul can become rather cumbersome in numbers when pitted against inexperienced players. Players on both sides can harm their teammates, so teamwork is necessary in order to survive. The more Avareth/Panover that survive, the more points they obtain. However, the less Avareth/Panover there are, the more points the Vul obtain. Sticking with your teammates is highly suggested in this game mode, as going solo is an incredibly stupid idea. I mean, come on, it's called "Survival" for a reason. No vehicles are present in this game mode.


"Onslaught" is much like a tower defense game. Players on either side must reinforce their bases by collecting materials around the map and bringing them back to their camp, which they can use to upgrade their base, hinder their opponents, or even aid themselves. Some of these upgrades can range from hard to scale walls to automated turrets that will attack the enemy on site. Once a team's main base is destroyed, the game will automatically end. While suggested for veteran players, almost anyone can hop in and learn the basics rather quickly. This game mode is specifically for Panover and Avareth, but A.I controlled Vul can appear throughout the match (also, players can control these Vul for one life but will be unable to afterwards and can only do so for the 30 second respawn timer.) Vehicles can be found on this game mode, but they are not very common.


"Extermination" is an incredibly simple game mode. All three factions must gain the most kills for their team, each faction containing six members. Near the end of the game, all teams remaining players must kill the other teams members, as all players will only have one life. The faction with the most amount of players left alive will win. While this game mode is suggested for any player (skilled or not), it is suggested that every player work together to get the most out of this game mode. Extermination has the most amount of players than any other game mode, containing nearly eighteen players in all. This game mode also includes many different vehicles depending on the map.


"Scavenge" is a game mode where players must gather an incredibly powerful material known as "Tamic" from around the map and must return back to their base for safekeeping. Either team has one job: to stop the enemy team from collecting Tamic or aid their teammates in collecting it themselves. The team who reaches the limit of Tamic storage or gains the most amount of Tamic at the end of the match wins. Players have the ability to steal the enemy's team Tamic, but the process takes awhile and only awards the player designated player with 25% of the enemies Tamic. No vehicles are ever present in this game mode.

Data Purge

"Data Purge" is a gamemode all about speed, stealth and teamwork. Unlike some other game modes, "Data Purge" is a fight only between the two factions known as the Avareth and the Panover. The rules are simple: either hack a terminal and steal valuable info (Panover), or stop the hacker's virus from spreading any further and destroy it bit by bit (Avareth). This game mode, while not difficult, requires a person to stay completely still to eradicate or implant the virus. This means if your not at least experienced with the game, your going to have a hard time.


"Apprehension" is a gamemode more or less about killing a specific highlighted enemy player. Players must protect their own highlighted member, who will have a blue symbol over there head, while attempting to kill the enemy's highlighted player. Players gain points by protecting their highlighted teammate and killing the enemies highlighted member, eventually ending the game once all enemy players have been "Apprehended."


Tada! It's finally here, a section talking about all the maps you can find in Multiplayer. Now, I suppose you'd like to know how many there are. Let's just say I plan on creating at least 20 different maps (not including DLC maps), so yeah, stick around and enjoy the ride.















Multiplayer Classes

Yep, that's right, it's that type of game. You get many different classes to play as, but there's generally three to start with. Let's explore them, shall we?


First off, we have the Light class. While not exactly the strongest of the bunch, the Light classes job is to perform where others cannot. For example, while Medium-class players need two of themselves to jump onto a rather high point, the Light class can easily double jump up to the area and scale it without much difficulty. Light classes also are meant for quick and deadly damage, meaning their usually on the edges of the battlefield with their trusty sniper rifles. In some cases, however, a light class can act much like a scout, cloaking himself behind enemy lines and discovering where the enemy is hiding or possibly assassinating weaker individuals behind cover (Light classes assassinate faster than any other class). Unlike other classes, Light players are the most resistant to elemental damage, but not the actual bullet itself. Think of it this way, Light classes can run through a wall of fire with minimal to no damage whatsoever, while a Heavy would be badly hurt doing the same thing. While the Light class has many advantages, it also many disadvantages. All Light classes have the weakest armor and the least amount of health, causing them to die frequently when in close quarters. Most users don't realize that a sticky grenade will kill a Light class upon exploding, and that explosions from grenades hurt Light classes more. Also, Light classes die from melee attacks faster than any other class. Light armor can range from many forms, but most players will be able to recognize it from the large visor, smaller frame and thinner appearance. Light classes have helmets that are incredibly streamlined, with a small point or "fin" in the back of the helmet.

Like other classes, Light classes can give teammates certain things. These can range from syringes to ammunition, allowing the Light class to become an incredibly fast aid. However, unlike other classes, Light's must be in physical contact with a teammate in order to give them anything that is needed. Due to their small "aid" range, Light classes have the most amount of uses for anything in their inventory and can instantly replenish anything a player may need. However, this comes at a price as the Light class must stay still with their teammate for a few seconds to complete the process, taking more time than even the Heavy's Supply Box to help other players. Ironically, Light classes can aid their entire team (being able to do so to each teammate once), but cannot replenish their own reserves and must obtain aid from another teammate in order to receive more things.

On a side note, Lighter classes also have the ability to Dive Roll. Dive Rolling is a process where the player will sprint and dive forward, curling into a ball at the last second and managing to fling themselves back up with the move's momentum. This move allows players to quickly dodge damage from below, a


Alright, next up, we have the Medium class. A rather versatile class, Medium characters are the starting class and the all-purpose man/woman on the battlefield. While Light classes have a high resistance to elemental damage and Heavy class men have a high resistance to bullet trauma, Medium classes dabble in both fields. They take about the same damage from both sides, and don't have much resistance against both forms. Unlike Light classes, Medium class men are slower (but have more armor), and require an extra Medium class to scale rather large walls (but can perform other limited parkour moves with a lowered time to do so). Medium classes deal a good amount of damage, but do not have the speed to constantly trail others down. They generally rush into battle, fighting enemies everywhere and anywhere. Medium classes themselves have many sub classes at their disposal, such as the Bomber or the Supplier. Despite there setbacks, they are the general bulk of infantry on the battlefield and are known for their ability to adapt to many situations quickly and easily. While the Medium class' armor is still better than the Light class', it is still weaker than the Heavy's armor and is known for it's smaller (and somewhat segmented) visor, medium build and semi-bulky appearance. Intermediate classes have a rather organic helmet, with a circular back and sphere-like appearance.


Mainly known as the heaviest things to hit the battlefield, Hefty classes are incredibly tough and take the most amount of rounds and general damage to take down. Weighty classes themselves are nearly 50% tougher than medium classmen, however, this extra armor comes at a price. Weighty classes, thanks to their armor, are also much slower than other classes, and cannot sprint unless issued by a specific DEV or TECH/GEAR. Heavies themselves can also wield heavy weapons (such as chainguns, rocket launchers or even vehicle turrets.) with much greater effeciency than other classes, being able to have much more stability with such weapons (other classes can also wield these guns, but will have a harder time using them in general). Hefty classes are also immune to force from bullets, being able to move at the same speed indefinetly even while being hit with regular arms fire. Weighty classes, while high in health and armor, take the most amount of time to heal and also take the longest to have their armor repaired. While powerful and large, Heavies themselves take up two places in any vehicle they go into, making it so they limit the amount of players that can enter a specific vehicle. Heavier classes also have many subclasses, ranging from Guardians to Tanks and so on and so forth. Weighty classes are easily recognizable thanks to their massive size, large bulk and largely segmented visor. Heavy helmets also incorporate a more thick design, appearing much thicker in the back.


I did it! I finally managed to add whatever random species I could come up with at this point! Yay for me, the laziest writer ever! Eh, heh, I'm kidding you ya know...I swear...oh come on!

Mammalian (Mammal-Like)

Vildoriats: A wolf-like species originally found on Suris, Valdoriats are considered the planet's "dominant" species. Very large and powerful, the species is known for their odd appearance. Their fingers are not covered by skin or scales, rather, they are the bones of the species attached together by incredibly strong muscles. The muscles are flexible and numerous, allowing the species to have full mobility of them. The bones are very strong, every joint being heavily lubricated by bodily fluid. This fluid also makes the species fingers stronger, covering them completely and preventing air into the joints. Unlike many other species on Suris, Valdoriats have tails that reach the floor. Valdoriats also have pupiless eyes, their eye color usually a dark green or yellow. While this color can range, it is a known fact that the darker the eye is colored, the older the Valdoriat is. This is due to the Valdoriats aging eyes which eventually collect more light as they age. If their eyes did not do this, the species would become blind or would not be able to spot certain colors. Xaem Atrius is one individual who has this genetic defect, causing him to not see the color green. Like many other species, there are male and female Valdoriats. While males are known for their large sizes and strength, females are known for many other things. For one, females have many more markings than males. Females also have shorter tails, lighter eye colors, larger ears and thinner fur. Valdoriats are the player's default choice in Multiplayer, and like all other species, can be customized. This customization can range from coloring fur to gender. All Valdoriats have a general tendency to be skilled in physical strength, giving them a 10% boost to all their melee attacks. Unfortunately, while the species can strike harder, it takes 10% longer to hit once again.

Karinian: A feline species, Karinians are specifically found on Thealiv. Thealiv was once a lush planet, the main source of Suris' food supply. However, after the war, the planet was devastated by nuclear warheads. Due to this, the Karinians left their planet for their promised salvation. They are shorter than Valdoriats, generally much skinnier than the wolf-like species. Due to their small height, their tails do not reach the floor. They also have large, dark markings covering most of their thin furred bodies. Karinians, unlike their Valdorian neighbors, do not have revealed bone as their fingers. Instead, the odd alien race has three fingers with tough padding on the bottom, wielding metallic-like nails on the top of their fingers. While the mammalian species is generally shorter and less fit than their Valdorian brethren, Karinians have faster reflexes and are known for their fast reaction times. The species is also known for a common disease known as "Muscle Rock". Due to the species constant movement and large amount of stretchable muscle, an individual can sometimes contract an ailment that causes the person to have muscles that bundle together, effectively creating a large lump somewhere in the body that causes great pain to the user. Unfortunately, while one can be born with this disease, there is no effective way of curing it. The disease can also cause blood loss to a certain limb if severe enough, forcing the individual to amputate said limb. This ailment is most common in the legs on an infected person, mostly found in the calf. Despite this ailment, many Karinians can run 10% faster than any other species, even though it takes 10% longer to run again.

Insectoids (Insect-Like)

Ragnus: The Ragnus are an insect-like species most commonly found on the planet Duren. Duren itself was a wasteland even before the war, being destroyed even further due to the Avareth's constant dangerous research on the planet. This dangerous research itself ranged from nuclear explosions to viral disease, the experiments killing nearly all life on the planet. The only species that managed to survive was the Ragnus, however, they did not survive unscathed. The species itself lost a considerable amount of it's intelligence due to constant confrontation with such dangerous forces, making members of the race aggressive and somewhat stupid. They were, however, still capable of taking control of a series of the Avareth's base compounds. These base compounds allowed the Ragnus to develop their own spacecraft and become the pirate-like species they are known as today. Due to their limited knowledge of space travel and manners, the species is known for it's rude dialect and nearly unintelligble language, most Ragnus preffering to grunt or perform gestures to simply avoid miscommunication of their language altogether. The Ragnus species itself is known for it's natural strength, enabling the species to take 10% more damage than other species. This toughness, however, comes at a price of regeneration, as the Ragnus species heals at a 10% slower rate.



Reptilian (Reptile-Like)
















"H.A.Z.A.R.D" is known as a shooter experience, but what kind of a game would it be without guns? Below this tiny bit of text is a large variety of weaponry ranging from revolvers to rocket launchers. All guns in the game can be customized completely. This customization can range from coloring of the gun to the design and even the gun's attachments. If you guys have your own idea for a specific gun or melee weapon, go ahead and comment. It might just make the cut. Either way, let's see what the Avareth and Panover get to blast each other away with, shall we?

Primary Firearms

BC-R1 Frenzy (Rifle): Known as one of the main firearms found on the battlefield, the BC-R1 Frenzy is a typically stable and moderately damaging rifle that is able to fire bullets automatically. The Frenzy itself was created long before the war, simply meant as a suppressing firearm, but was later modified to be more lethal. While not exactly powerful or weak in any designated area, the Frenzy is a decent starting weapon and can be quite handy in close to medium range firefights. 

VCT2 Crion (Rifle): While similar to the BC-R1 Frenzy rifle, the Crion itself is a later model created near the middle of the war. The weapon was meant to act as a more stabilized version of the BC-R1, having a heavier (yet slimmer) framework that allowed for more stability and easier handling when aiming down the sights. While created later, the weapon is arguably no better than it's "apparent" predeccesor and is merely better at longer ranges, the Crion's three-burst firing method not as great at closer ranges. 

4M-9M Era (Rifle)

L33T Weltzer (Rifle):

SPAD-24 Viscerator (Shotgun):

REPR-00 Scythe (Sniper):

Secondary Guns

Z9-2H Sector (Revolver):

7T4 Zodiac (Revolver):

YT-33 Ark (Revolver):

PIK-9E Sclera (Revolver):

GR3 Thunderbolt (Pistol):

W9-8U Duster (Pistol):

CZ14 Hunter (Pistol):

EX-1 Tether (Pistol):

Q2-0U Mawkin (Light SMG):

ED-1W Howitz (Light SMG):

R3R-P Grok (Light SMG):

T39 Carpus (Wrist Gun):

G-140 Stump (Wrist Gun):

Anti-Vehicle Weapons

EF-108 Incinerator (Rocket Launcher):

TUFE-12 Popper (Grenade Launcher):

QU-01 Clutch (High-Powered Explosive):

VOV 60 Contrivance (Repair Tool):

Anti-Personnel Weapons

BU-1 Derelict (Grenade):

DR-UL Void (Grenade):

JK-NM Forian (Grenade):

OX-2 Plasmatic Claws (Melee Weapon):

5U5 Tonic (Medical Syringe Tool):

ZZ-550 Droid (Digitally-Operated Machine):

Randomly Spawned Weaponry

BEG 1.2.3 (Heavy Rail Gun): Known as one of the game's most powerful weapons, the BEG is an incredibly powerful rail gun capable of destroying nearly anything (or anyone) in it's concentrated beam. After a short charge time, the BEG's focused energy beam can obliterate all in it's path. However, while the weapon is powerful, the gun itself is rather innacurate and can only can be shot once before needing to be reloaded. The weapon itself is a massive firearm attached to an individual's shoulder via stabilizing grips and cords. The weapon is fired by pulling a large trigger similar to a pulley system, the "pulley" being pulled towards the players character while in use. The case of the weapon is somewhat resembles an old-age cannon in design, the casing also having several adornments. Some of these adornments include light (the brighter the light is, the closer the gun is to firing), a holograpic sight and an openable casing allowing for direct insertion of the weapon's ammunition (the ammo cartridge shares resemblances to a spring cord near the middle and has two prongs outside of both of it's ends). The gun has four flaps in front of it's muzzle that open up when the weapon is being charged, the flaps acting as a funnel for more concentrated fire and as a running current of energy that charges the weapon's projectile. The projectile is a circular plate that absorbs an incredible amount of heat administered to it, the plate itself spinning around at near supersonic speeds whilst being charged. This speed basically turns the plate into a wrecking ball, allowing the plate to act as the initial force while the energy inside it allows it to explode upon coming into contact with nearly any surface (the energy around it also allows for easy penetration and residue damage). While strong, the BEG is incredibly slow at firing and could leave it's user in a bad situation when it's instant-death blast happens to miss. Also, thanks to it's weight, all classes (excluding Heavies) will be slowed while wielding the object, and will have to stand completely still in order to fire it (Yes, heavies can't move with it either.)

'N/U-K3 '(Heavy Quad Missile Launcher):

SLENDR M-N (Dual Heavy Chain Guns):

Ammo Types

Plasmatic Rounds: "Plasmatic Rounds" are possibly one of the rarest types of ammunition in game. While the rounds are powerful and can blast right through armor, the cartridges are considered unstable after large periods of misuse. If not taken care of properly, the magazine containing the rounds will explode due to heat escaping from the casing. Ironically, this defect can also make for an exceptionally deadly makeshift grenade. Unfortunately, this is not suggested due to the plasma's unpredictable tendencies to explode at any given time. While Plasma can be found in most generally powerful guns, working with the material can be downright dangerous. This is why many companies have stopped production of such volatile ammunition and will even attempt to persuade others to change to the more reliable "Light-Refracting Rounds". During the recent explosion of military activity, Avarethian officials have now started to bring this ammunition back to the battlefield due to it's amazing power. During the events of the "Multiplayer", it has been revealed that plasmatic ammunition has been refined and is now much safer, allowing for collection of the shells from the environment without consequence. This is funny, however, as most plasmatic rounds scattered around the battlefield are already spent and can't really do much for ammunition purposes. Fortunately, rounds found inside of unused magazines or in firearms are still usable.

Light-Refracting Rounds: While much safer and cheaper than their plasmatic cousins, "Light-Refracting Rounds" have many defects of their own. The ammunition's cartridges, which act almost like a large battery, have a set amount of stored energy that is used up with each shot. After a certain amount of shots, the cartridge will run dry and will be unable to be used until charged once again. While this may seem like a nice way to save on ammunition, few cartridges can be replenished on the battlefield due to the amount of people and materials required in order to charge the devices. This has led to many Avarethian officials adopting a more expensive (yet better in the long run) type of Light-Refracting round that will slowly charge over time when not in use. The cartridges are charged via a small device that latches onto the empty cartridge, expelling excess energy not used in the firing of the gun into the cartridge. While this has many advantages in combat, it has been revealed that to recharge one cartridge fully would take nearly two cartridges, effectively nullifying the ammunition's re-usability. While certain weapons during "Multiplayer" still use this odd function, most regular firearms use cartridges with more energy to allow for many shots to be fired at once before overheating. While the firearms that use this ammunition generally fire much faster than Plasma, Light-Refracting don't do much against armor and are much more effective against health.

Caustic Rounds: "Corrosive Rounds" are a mixture of highly volatile substances put inside the tip of a bullet that corrode and eventually rip apart armor bit by bit at the molecular level. While not as strong as plasma in going through armor, corrosive rounds have a much bigger spread over armor, almost able to cover a large section of the chest just from a few shots. Ironically, this corrosion effect slows down once it begins to dry, making it somewhat hard to contain the material whilst keeping it active. Production of this type of ammunition was once stopped early due to concerns for personnel and developers alike. This concern was capitalized during a major contamination breach where the toxic substance leaked into many devices that manufactured the ammunition and rendered them useless. This was later revealed to be not so much of a loss as the Avareth's government realized the ammunition could take out machines and other mechanical things out with ease, prompting the recent redistribution of the rounds during "Co-Op" and "Multiplayer". These "Corrosive Rounds" actually act like a poison on vehicles, armor and even machines, causing them to gain damage slowly over time that takes a long time to repair.

Nova Rounds: Known for their incredibly flammable nature, Nova rounds instantly burst into flame after hitting an object. This is due to a high concentration of highly-flammable metallic compounds at the tip of the bullet protected by a heat-resistant layer, allowing the bullet to fly through the air without the worry of pre-detonation. This covering is very fragile against solid objects, however, and will shear off after hitting something. This "smashing" effect causes the bullet to burn ferociously and will actually allow it to burn for a short time (roughly four seconds) before fizzing out. The bullet's contents were once used in various lighting systems and even other mechanisms, eventually leading to it's production over the course of the war. This product proved to be a mistake as of later, as the Avareth's main production plant was attacked and easily destroyed by the Panover years later, devastating one of the Avareth's most guarded facilities. Even though serious production of such ammunition stopped, black market vendors secretly sold the ammunition to the highest bidder, allowing many corrupt Avarethian officials to obtain them and endow them upon their soldiers. While these rounds are weak against armor, they deal constant damage to an enemy's health and make it harder for the individual to heal themselves.

Glacial Rounds: A new type of ammunition produced during the events of the "Singleplayer" campaign, Glacial rounds were actually an idea Merix himself had worked on for several years, later presenting the new ammunition to the Avareth's greatest officials. These odd rounds were specifically meant to chill an enemy's blood and tissue and make it harder for such a being to function on the battlefield. The round itself contains an instant-freezing agent that cools the area around it below 300 degrees Celsius upon impact, requiring constant application to take effect. This ammunition proved to be rather dangerous, however, as the flash freezing effect left many individuals with permanent frostbite-like wounds. Deemed to dangerous for civilian use, the rounds were tested on the battlefield near the end of the "Singleplayer" campaign (although, they were technically used by Merix beforehand), proving to be incredibly effective against lightly-armored individuals. The rounds themselves cause enemies to react slower in general, allowing users to attack such individuals with quicker speed. This use also happened to apply to the Vul, as they were cold-blooded creatures who couldn't last long against the ammunition's freezing effect, becoming one of the Avareth's strongest forces against the Vularion menace.

Vaporous Rounds: Somewhat similar to steam or other types of evaporated materials, Vaporous rounds are one of the oddest types of ammunitions created. The special "vapor" that emanates from the rounds is highly toxic when inhaled, the microscopic metallic filaments able to slice and tear organs and other soft tissues with ease over time, even being able to build up and clog cavities inside of the body. While not having a designated creator or estimated distribution, it appears apparent that the types of munition began to appear once the Panover themself were discovered. This could possibly hint that the Panover themselves had created this deadly type of ammunition, although no valid information on the truth of the matter has been found. What is known, however, is that the metallic filaments in the bullet's vapor are a special type of material that apparently can cause affixiation in afflicted men and women, even being able to render an individual somewhat catatonic overtime, thanks to the filaments ability to absorb blood and enlarge over time. When discovered, the type of ammunition was tested by several Avarethian scientists, the unknown filaments revealed to be a material from a nearby string of asteroids containing the metal, amplified with the resin found in most Dighted rounds used by the Avarethian war effort. While more tests were performed on the odd metal, production of the rounds themselves started up rather quickly, nearly being deployed the first few weeks upon the rounds discovery. While only potent in large doses, the Vaporous type of ammuniton has been found to reduce an enemy's performace in general by a whopping 10%, the vapor being able to pierce through nearly every kind of armor imaginable.

Eruptible Rounds:

High-Voltage Rounds:

"Smart" Rounds:

Thudding Rounds:

Reprecussive Rounds:

Dighted Rounds:

Blight Rounds:

Macerating Rounds:


All games have some type of upgrade for guns, well, at least shooters. Now, bear with me here fellas, but what would happen if these upgrades were actually fair? Imagine it this way, while players can use their equipment at specified levels at any time, players can only use one piece of equipment for each slot they have. Depending on the firearm or melee weapon you obtain, you will have more slots or less with your weapon of choice thanks to the weapon's strength. If the weapon is weaker, the weapon will have more slots than a more powerful tool of destruction, the maximum amount of mods resting at the two mark.

Mods themselves can only be obtained after completing a challenge, picking them off dead enemies (only having a 1% chance to spawn) or unlocking such items via the game's in-game store (available to buy via Beduin, the main currency in H.A.Z.A.R.D which can only be earned via multiplayer matchmaking or by completing certain achievements.) Mods from the store are expensive, but are simply meant as a sure-fire way to get that specific mod. This is due to the rarity of such things, where players will receive a random piece of equipment depending on how well they helped the team (kills hardly count). Top players will have a higher chance to receive rarer skins or models thanks to their contribution. This does translate to armor and mods, but will usually not award the player with such things unless they perform exceptionally during gameplay.

Suppressors: While not exactly the most advanced piece of weapon modification, Suppresors are one of the easiest to use and replace, so there a top-choice for most consumers. Silencers themselves nullify the sonic boom that comes after a bullet has been fired, but cannot do so completely and still allows a quiter sound to be heard. When firing a round, the round itself is slowed due to more travel time and falls faster due to the power of the bullet being taken out beforehand.

High-Powered Flashlights: While small, the High-Powered Flashlights of H.A.Z.A.R.D are very effective and can blind enemies of all kinds. The bulb's color inside the light can be changed, including the intensity of the light and it's width (however, width causes the flashlight's intensity to decrease). Only one flashlight can be used at a time, but each flashlight can turn on or off with a simple press of a button. The flashlight itself has a short life, however, so it will shut it self off and recharge when it's power runs out. 

Multicolored-Dot Sights: Dependable and sturdy, Multicolored-Dot Sights are known for their accuracy-increasing properties and slim appearance. Unlike High-Powered Flashlights, these sights are slightly less visible and place a small colored dot on any surface, generally detailing where the player's shots will generally land. The sights can be numerous colors and can be shut on or off just like flashlights. Also, just like flashlights, Multicolored-Dot Sights have a cooldown time and can only be activated for a short amount of time.

Modified Barrels:

Refurbished Triggers:

Altered Magazines:

Improved Folding Systems:

Upgraded Scopes

Augmented Rounds:

Remodeled Grips:

Stabilizing Mechanisms

Galvanized Bayonets:

Refurbished Casings (Models):

Printed Finishes (Skins):

Customized Trinkets: Somewhat like a label, "Trinkets" are small items attached to a weapon via wires that tell the user (or anyone who picks up the weapon) what the user named and changed the gun's description to. The trinkets themselves resemble many different things, but are actually flash-drive like devices covered in a decoritive plastic covering. There are many plastic coverings, some resembling animals, vulgar language, other items and even figurines. Unlike other pieces of equipment, labels only need experience earned from the gun's use to be acquired. Trinkets also do not count towards the weapons "mod count", however, only one can be placed on the players desired weapon at a time. While neat, Trinkets can only be unlocked (or created) after certain requirements have been met, certain exceptions being Trinkets for limited time events. Also, on a side note, Trinkets themselves can only be seen on the user's gun or on an enemy's salvaged one (well, if it has one). Upon obtaining an enemy's gun, players will have a high-chance to recieve the associated Trinket, allowing players to recieve special DLC imprinted Trinkets or something of the ladder (although, it only has a 5% chance to do so.)

 Permuted Transputers: Somewhar similar to Customized Trinkets, Transputers are only found within a player's armor and act as integrated "descriptions" of the player's designed armor. Ironically, while fully editable, Transputers are only seen during battle upon an enemy being assasinated, the player usually ripping the circuit board out for study (this is due to the circuits being highly valuable and being great evidence for finding out where such armors were created or whom they were made by, allowing people to obtain them to gain clues as to where such construction facilities exist.) Even so, Transputers each have their own color and shape (which can be fully created), having less custimizatiion than Tickets except for one key feature. After recovery, players can view the type of armor pieces and colors in the store, getting a slight clue as to what such things would be like, allowing players to make more educated choices upon buying something from the in-game store. Finally, Transputers hold one more unique feature over their Trinket brethren, in which Transputers can showcase a secret message composed by the player themself, such quotes ranging from vulgar threats to helpful hints.


Jet Pack: Nearly exactly like it's name, the Jet Pack is an advanced contraption that uses a series of fuel-powered jets to force it's user into the air. This ability can also be turned on and off before it runs out completely, allowing the user to overcome large gaps and safely fall from large heights. However, just like all abilities, the Jet Pack takes time to execute it's "flying" capability and will instantly shut down when out of fuel, putting it's user in peril. On a side note, however, the Jet Pack can also light nearby enemies on fire if close enough to it's exhaust, but it hardly does any damage. 

Constant Targeting Software: Somewhat similar to a "lock-on" mechanism in some other FPS games, the Constant Targeting Software TECH/GEAR is specifically meant to allow the user to target any enemy (up to six) for a limited amount of time, labeling the enemy with a rather menacing skull icon over their head. When tagged, an enemy is more susceptible to "Smart" rounds and can be locked on by any means of weaponry. Unfortunetly, while easy to use, the ability takes time to lock on to an enemy, leaving the player vulnerable for a brief time. When activating the abilities secondary trait, players will be able to place a small device capable of targeting enemies upon reaching it's proximity. This proximity is rather close, however, and will usually result in the device itself being destroyed, a small sound resonating from it. The device, however, is small and somewhat hard to spot, making it a bit more fair for it's user.

Duplicative Analyzer: Essentially a copying ability, the Duplicative Analyzer allows it's user to copy an enemy's ability, weapon set and armor level. This is one of the only abilities that allows a player to change class outside of respawning, but only does so for a limited time. While active, a player will be able to use their ability that was practically "stolen" twice as effectively, getting twice the boost from Thruster Device and so on. However, this ability takes time to activate, leaving the player unarmed and defenseless while doing so. Ironically, this ability can also be used on teammates, but doesn't do anything different. While helpful, the player can go even further by activating the TECH/GEAR's secondary ability, causing the player to appear as an enemy teammate, the disguise itself shutting off after being shot (players can still shoot while using the disguise, however).

Genetic Stimulant: Basically H.A.Z.A.R.D's version of "steroids", Genetic Stimulant is an ability that forces a stimulating agent into the character's bloodstream, increasing their performance by a whole 200%. This upgraded performance can range from running speed to health regeneration and even to reloading time. However, like all other abilities, Genetic Stimulant also has a few drawbacks. While active, player's are more vulnerable to direct damage and cannot aim as well until the effect is cancelled, making the ability more useful as a means of escape or recuperation. When the abilities secondary ability is activated, Genetic Stimulant will cause player's reaction times (among other things) to quicken and will also give players a slight health boost. This "boost" and it's doubled effects will cancel out nearly twice as fast as normal, however, and will cause the ability to take much more time to recharge.

Magnetic Boots: While varying in effectiveness, Magnetic Boots are meant to be a means of "parkour". Using high-strength magnets built in the bottom of the character's modified boots, players can wallrun and generally attach to any surface, being able to shoot from any angle. However, despite this abilities use, it affects different armor classes in different ways. For instance, the heavier a class is, the shorter amount of time the specified class has to wallrun. While already amazing enough, the Magnetic Boots secondary ability comes into play after the player holds down the TECH/GEAR button down long enough, causing the boot's to drag a player straight to the ground. This will allow players to make a quick escape from assaulters, the ability also causing enemies near it's radius to stumble. Great for crows control, the ability can also cause instant death to enemies below the player's boots, although this changes with the player's class. Lighter classes will have the smallest impact and smallest radius, but can easily shake off the effect and run away. Medium classes do a decent job in both, but Heavies take the longest time to fall down, causing instant death to everyone besides other Heavies below them (they also have the largest radius of effect). However, this comes at a price, as the fall can moderately damage players and leave classes (especially Heavies) disoriented, allowing for an easy kill if not executed right.

Thruster Device: Much like a instant dash system, the Thruster Device is an easy way to escape nearly any situation. Using a series of small, very powerful gas-powered jets, the user can push themselves incredibly fast for a short period in any desired direction, even being able to double-jump at certain times. However, while this ability is helpful, it leaves the player completely vulnerable while doing so and has less of a boost while undercharged, meaning the player can kill themselves accidentally by performing a large jump and running out of fuel halfway. Just like the Jet Pack, the Thruster Device can light enemies behind the player on fire, but it still doesn't do much damage. Upon activation of the abilities secondary trait, players will be able to boost in any direction constantly for a few seconds, being able to cover large distances much quicker than other TECH/GEAR's (such as Genetic Stimulant), however, this will completely deplete the device's fuel after the effect, causing the abilites recharge time to increase.

Ionized Weaponry (Blades, Claws and Whips): While different for each class, the Ionized Weaponry ability allows the user to create an effecient melee weapon out of thin air only using the protective suit's power core issued to all characters in H.A.Z.A.R.D. Each class recieves a different melee weapon, giving Light classes decent yet forceful whips, Intermediates fast but weak claws, and Heavies devastating (but slow) blades. While this ability can be a stronger version of melee for a short time, it takes time to manifest and reduces the player's armor while used, making the player easier to kill in exchange for increased melee damage. While activating the TECH/GEAR's secondary ability, players will notice that their melee attacks will suddenly become a devastating version of their former selves that can deal severe damage to enemies (and even vehicles) if done correctly. Depending on the player's class, this ability can range from a pinpoint accurate beam (light), a closely packed shrapnel-like blast (medium) or a slow but wide wave of energy (heavy).

Force Gauntlets: Somewhat similar to the "Ionized Weaponry" TECH/GEAR due to it's melee-enhancing capabilities, the force gauntlet itself is a means of escape, allowing more breathing room for the player by subjecting the target hit by the Force Gauntlet's G-force technology to nearly five G, sending the designated target flying. Unfortunetly, while effective, the ability isn't meant to kill and hardly does any damage to regular players, only dealing a considerable amount of damage to vehicles when hit (which reduces it's knockback effect.) This knockback effect can also force back regular arms fire, but can only do so when activated right when the bullet reaches the Gauntlets impact point. When holding down the TECH/GEAR button, players can activate the abilities secondary trait, a sudden blast of G-Force energy with a greater knockback but a major decrease in damage (the attack itself doing no damage). This secondary effect will drain the abilities charge completely, and, like all other abilities, will cause it's charge time to increase after doing so.

Matter Transmuting Module: While small and portable, the Matter Transmuting Module is an incredibly complicated device that changes the wearer's physical composition completely, making it's user nearly invulnerable. The device does this by constantly shifting the atoms of said individual, turning them into a cluster of matter that can constantly shift away from weapons fire. While in this state, however, players will be easily visible as they will appear to be a light blue, their entire body outlined by the device's effects. While in use, players are unable to attack but can survive serious falls or deadly encounters thanks to the device's near invulnerability effect, but are still capable of being hit, the device severely reducing their ability to be harmed. When the player themselves decides to hold down the TECH/GEAR key, they will activate the ability's secondary effect, giving the player the ability to phase through most objects (including vehicles, enemy players and certain blockades.) This secondary effect can also damage enemies upon the player's character passing through them (objects blocking doorways being destroyed completely), dealing a small amount of damage and blinding the harmed player for a brief second. Like all abilities, the Matter Transmuter Module takes time to activate, the secondary ability also wasting the abilities charge time considerably.

Radar Jammer: The title says it all, my friends. Using a device placed on the player's arm, the user can send a small EMP blast fifty feet away from the user constantly, shorting out any hostile members own radar for the duration of the effect (as long as the enemy player stays in the jammers effect area, the area itself being able to be seen on the player's own radar. While effective, the ability itself has a small range and merely scrambles the radar, never fully shutting it off but making it so it is much harder to read. Due to it's small range, the closer and enemy is to it's radius, the more their radar will scramble. This TECH/GEAR also erases any "tagged" teammates and will highlight anyone that is within it's radius. When holding down the TECH/GEAR key, players can activate the abilities secondary trait, causing the Radar Jammer effect to blast out from the player, the EMP waves increasing in intensity severely. This will cause vehicles to shut down (for around two seconds), locked doors to open and enemy radar to disappear for a few seconds, the ability causing the TECH/GEAR's charge time to increase dramatically.

Semi-Camouflaging Systems: While not perfect, the Semi-Camoflauging Systems TECH/GEAR is exceptional at rendering it's user nearly invisible to the naked eye. Using a series of light-reflecting mechanisms embedded in the users armor, the player will be able to become nearly invisible for a short amount of time. The player can move freely around while using the camo, but will become a bit more visible when moving then when standing still. While camoflauged, the player will become untagged and will break their cover by when shooting. Unfortunetly, the ability takes time to make it's user camoflauged, and even while camoflauged the player can still be seen by the Heat-Detecting Visor, despite being less visible. When activation of the abilities secondary trait is triggered, players will notice that they will have no vision reduction thanks to running or shooting, the secondary trait also completely removing players from radar. However, this ability only lasts around three seconds, and will cause the character's TECH/GEAR's use time to increase dramatically.

Upgraded Visor: Using a highly-advanced detection system built into the character's helmet, the UpgradedVisor allows it's user to detect an enemy player, his health and even his armor level. Thanks to the visor's upgraded systems, the user can detect movement from enemy and teammate alike, even being able to see a player's health thanks to the designated players heartbeat. An enemy's armor level can be detected thanks to certain armors releasing more heat. For example, lighter classes release less heat due to them consuming less energy to be powered while heavier classes take much more energy due to them being heavier and thicker than other armor classes. 

Deployable Sentry

Ballistic Shield

Hydraulic Slammer

Digitalized Holographic Image:

Instant-Transporting Devices:

Viral Shut Down Signal:

Invigorated Exertion:


Dev's are abilities that are randomly obtained after examining an enemy's corpse. These small items give the player a small boost during gameplay. These "boosts" are similar in appearance to circuit boards (for armor) or syringes (for health), and will appear in the player's inventory when collected. Aug's themselves are only able to be used outside of gameplay, only being activated before a match or upon the player's death. Each DEV and AUG is different in it's own right, but are known specifically as Armor and Health upgrades. DEV's themselves upgrade armor, while AUG's upgrade health. These boosts can range from melee bonuses to physical toughness, but are always obtainable and can only be used once per life. Once the player dies, the active AUG or DEV will disappear from the player's inventory and will only be able to be retrieved again upon examination of another body. Aug's and Dev's only have a 1% chance to spawn on an enemy corpse, and can be instantly collected after the associated enemy's death. If a player manages to examine a fellow players corpse before they revive, they have a 5% chance to recieve a random DEV/AUG and will also give their teammate back their previously used AUG/DEV. Nearly all AUG's and DEV's give the player a 50% boost in a specific field (while also giving a 50% weakness towards a specific field), making them incredibly valuable and helpful in stressful situations. 



Armor Customization

That's right kiddies, this game has customization! I'll probably add more to this somewhat entertaining intro, but until then, enjoy my works of woe and wonder.











Vehicles are one of the best types of transportation and damage in any game, so why should that change in H.A.Z.A.R.D? Certain vehicles will appear at the beginning of each round, and players must scramble to enter them. Later on in the match, large ships will fly over the battlefield and drop their cargo; a random assortment of vehicles. Remember, though, the ship's drop vehicles to everyone and anywhere, meaning any faction (except the Vul) can use any vehicle. Unfortunately, only certain classes can use certain vehicles, although all classes can get in a vehicle. For example, only the Lightest class can drive the Triforce, a three-wheeled stealth vehicle, but a Medium class (or even a Heavy) can hang on the side of the vehicle and shoot enemies.

Triforce: The Triforce is possibly one of the smallest vehicles in the game. Only able to support two people, the vehicle has a hard time staying alive when pitted against many opponents. This is why the vehicle is incredibly fast, as it is meant more as a transport vehicle than anything else. When a player hangs on the side of the vehicle, they are able to shoot enemies. However, doing so leaves the player vulnerable to bullets. That is why the passenger can also enter a seperate section of the Triforce, allowing for greater protection at the cost of firepower.

Sable: The Sable is a vehicle much like the Triforce in terms of it's general appearance, however it works much differently. The vehicle has four wheels instead of three this time, with two smaller light machine guns planted on both of it's sides. It can carry up to two people just like the Triforce but now allows the driver to fire it's dual-machine guns at enemies. Unfortunately, the vehicle (while doing more damage) does not have the range or capability of a player on it's side, making the vehicles only form of damage at it's front.

Dart: A two-wheeled lightly armored vehicle, the Dart is known for it's incredible speed. Only able to carry one player, the vehicle is exceptional at taking a player place to place on the map. This speed and easy accessibility comes at a price, however, as the vehicle has no way to protect itself and can be easily destroyed with enough suppressive fire. This is dubbed rather hard though as the Dart is the fastest vehicle in the game to date, outperforming the Phaser and even the Skimmer.

Barge: A large six-wheeled transport vehicle, the Barge is specifically meant to protect it's passengers as they arrive at their destination. Boasting two large controllable rocket-blasters and the ability to hold four passengers, the Barge is a sluggish vehicle that can pack a serious punch if used correctly. This power comes at a price though as the Barge is horrible at making quick turns and is very susceptible to flying vehicles, the turrets on the Barge itself only able to be used on it's sides (allowing other players and vehicles to take out th vehicle easily by hanging behind it and in front of it.)

Phaser: The lightest flying vehicle, the Phaser is meant to annoy enemy players by dealing semi-constant rocket damage. The vehicle is the fastest flight vehicle, somewhat in appearance to a jet. While it can deal a large amount of damage in a small amount of time, it is incredibly weak and can easily become devastated by air-defense vehicles (such as the Intersector). Due to it's speed, it is rather easy to turn the vehicle around and get inside of it, but the vehicle is much harder to slow down in the air and can cause new players to become disoriented.

Mastodon: Quite literally the second-toughest vehicle in the game (next to the Barge), the Mastodon is an incredibly large tank-like vehicle that resembles a four-legged animal, the vehicle itself able to overcome any terrain thanks to it's multiple appendages. While slow and tough, the vehicle has several blindspots and cannot shoot at anything to it's side, only being able to use it's main cannon to shoot (which takes time to turn and reload). The Mastodon has a secondary machine gun placed near the back of it, but it leaves the gunner vulnerable. While the vehicle can carry up to four people, only two will be able to do some actual damage.





Fiend: While one of the few mechs available in the game, the Fiend is specifically known for it's sleeker design and wire frame. Unlike the Goliath, the Fiend is weaker but can maintain a much faster speed for a longer amount of time, the mech only being able to use weak (but forceful) dual chain guns. However, while much faster, the mech itself can only support one person (compared to the Goliath), and put's it's user in danger from the front via the large amount of view ports in that area. Like the Goliath, the Fiend can easily clear low amounts of rubble and blockades, but in doing so leaves itself vulnerable to attack.




The community of HA.Z.A.R.D already gets to say "hello" and "you stole my kill" to their comrades during battle, so how awesome would it be to view other players personal maps, guns, armor or even skins? Well, once you activate the Community, you'll be able to view the fine works of the community single-handedly and will have the ability to comment, rate or even use them in your own personal game. Once a substantial amount of votes has been placed on something, the item in question will be spotlighted and will be voted for skin/weapon/mod/map/vehicle of the week. If the player who happened to create such an item places first on either category, the item will actually be added to the game at a later date with it's own series of skins and useability. Full credit will go to the person who created the item and they will recieve in-game rewards for having their item placed inside of the game (note that such items will only appear in Multiplayer and no where else).

Players will also have the ability to upload there own customized skins and models using H.A.Z.A.R.D's own creation studio, which will allow users to mix and match pieces of models and specific parts of skins to make their very own armor and guns fitting to their style. As the player buys custimization packs, these will be added to the creation studio and will allow for even more custimazion, each skin pack and model pack usually costing around 1 to 5 Dollars (skin packs and model packs costing one dollar, with DLC packs costing up to five dollars). The only way to upload an edited skin is by adding something to the model and adding a specific skin, making it so players cannot obtain such skin packs for free.


Now, we all know you can't have a game without some kind of reward system. So, what better way to award you than to send you a little pop up with a tiny bit of text proving you accomplished something. Yeah, I know, sounds pretty worthless now, doesn't it? Well, don't fret my friends. In H.A.Z.A.R.D, completing certain achievements/trophies awards you in game as well. So, there's actually a point to getting those tiny things. Oh yeah, one more thing, there are no "easy" achievements/trophies in H.A.Z.A.R.D. I mean, what would be the point of calling them achievements and trophies if it only took a few minutes to obtain them?

Singleplayer Achievements/Trophies

Beat 'em Up: Complete the Tutorial Level in Singleplayer with melee-specific attacks.

William Tell's Fanboy: Snipe the beer bottle off a drunken man's head from over 50 ft without zooming in.

This Is My Boomstick: Kill all Vul attempting to escape Serenity's Complex with a single-shot shotgun.

Open Wide!: Throw a grenade into the Harrow's mouth before the battle begins (and leave one hell of a bad taste in it's mouth.)

Co-Op Achievements/Trophies

Just a Little Backup: Have a teammate revive you when your down and kill 4 enemies before their done.

Multiplayer Achievements/Trophies

Holy S@#% it Burns!: Chuck a sticky grenade at a player's unmasked face and watch the magic happen.

Everybody Do The Flop: Knock three enemy players down at once in "Multiplayer" with one awesomely-powerful grenade.

This. Is. H.A.Z.A.R.D!: Melee an enemy player off of the map with your massive muscles.

Crash-Up Derby: Kill an enemy inside of their vehicle as a Heavy class using a very powerful melee weapon that you just happened to find.

Give Me Some Sugar: Have 4 different medics heal your character in Multiplayer without dying.

Home Run!: Hit an enemy's grenade with melee and have it launch almost 100 feet away....score!

Teamwork's For Sissies: Kill ten enemies in a multiplayer match by yourself, because we all know your such a badass.

Oh, So Close...: Kill an enemy player before their able to escape in a specified map with your amazing skills and douche moves.

Bro Team: As a Light class, assassinate an enemy Heavy with your teammate (who is also a Light class) and give each other one hell of a high-five.

What a Fat ass: As a Heavy, land on an enemy Light class from a two-story building and kill that poor bastard instantly.

David Meets Goliath (And David Lost): Kill a Light class as a heavy after being shot in the head with a sniper-rifle once, because Heavy classes know how to get sh** done.

You Go First: Have an enemy attempt to hijack your vehicle and drive off a cliffs edge as they pull you out, causing you to land on the edge and the enemy know...die of stupidity.

Tankception: As a Heavy class, enter a tank and kill another tank with a Heavy class inside of it. Try not to get your mind blown to smithereens.

Who's The Heavy Now?: As a Light class, kill a Heavy class by landing on them with a mech from a high-rooftop and laugh, as you are the dominant fat ass.

Karma's A Bitch: Die by a fellow teammate and have them die in the same way a few seconds afterward, because betrayal's annoying as f****** hell.

Not Dead Yet: Kill ten enemies in a single match while your health and armor is critical. Why? Man I don't know you people are ape-s*** crazy.

Kamikaze Bomber: Kill four enemies at once in a single match by crashing an airborne vehicle into the middle of them (oh yeah, and you die at the end of it.)

Too Pro: Place first on every gamemode in-game, ya know, because you just stay in your basement all day doing this crud.

Pills Here!: Heal every teammate on your team while playing multiplayer because your whole team apparently loves eating lead.

"How To Survive in H.A.Z.A.R.D for more than Five Minutes"

Yep, was it really that hard to guess? It's a guide to everything H.A.Z.A.R.D, and is meant to teach the player how to perform at their best during any situation in H.A.Z.A.R.D's deadly campaigns. Now remember, everything in the guide is not meant to be the only thing you should do. The guide itself goes over typically useful hints and tries to let players have their own gameplay style while still using the knowledge they've gained, allowing players to still have an incredible amount of fun. So, let's get to it chaps!

Basic Steps 

Get To Cover

Typically, H.A.Z.A.R.D will feature devastating enemies who can kill you rather quickly if you don't react quick enough. One of the easiest ways to ensure a longer life is to hide behind cover. Any cover will do, but thicker cover with wide walls happens to do best in general Infrantry combat.

Vehicles will have a harder time ramming wider cover, but will also have an easy time shooting what's behind it. Try using taller cover to avoid this outcome, but keep in mind one thing. Your cover can be destroyed incredibly easily (especially by explosives), so try alternating between forms of cover constantly to make yourself a harder target to kill. This is especially true for Lighter classes, who must constantly rely on cover to stay alive (bet your glad they've got that awesome speed to make up for it though, huh?)

As you progress, you will start noticing that some items can be thrown (or tossed) in a certain direction to create cover. Smaller items will be much easier to move, but can easily be destroyed. While heavier items are the ideal choice, they can be easily scaled over by Lighter classes and Medium alike. Heavies will have a harder time dealing with them, but due to their massive musculature, kicking the item in question or punching it is nearly always enough to smash it into splinters in a matter of moments.

Remember, however, that cover limits you as well as it does enemies. When behind cover, make sure to watch out for grenades and other types of explosives, as they can easily blow up your cover and kill you in the process. While this can be a pain, it can somewhat be remedied by crouching behind the object in question instead of lying behind it. Lying behind cover gives the player the lowest chance of being hit, but will make it especially hard to avoid enemies. Try peeking around corners while crouching to spot enemies and know when the best time is to leave or push forward. Also, the only way to shoot from behind cover requires the player to crouch. Crouching still makes the player harder to hit, but leaves the player's gun and head vulnerable in the process. 

Finally, cover is about as helpful as it is a pain. While effectively littered everywhere during combat, cover can become troublesome near the beginning of battles due to it's tendency to block players (as well as vehicles). Try destroying cover blocking certain paths and entryways, as this will make it easier for your team to advance and not allow enemies to essentially "camp" such areas. Remember, however, that cover only has one use and once destroyed cannot be fixed. Try to keep this in mind when facing off in games where some cover is in or closer to your base. Due to the cover being closer, it can make it much harder for enemies to spawn camp you and your teammates and allow you to protect bases you own much easier. Oh yeah, you remember vehicles right? Whelp, they can destroy most forms of cover by literally running it over or shooting at it (depending on their size), so try to force heavier vehicles away from cover and keep lighter ones closer to it.

P.S: Makeshift cover is a great tool for escape! Try throwing down cover when being shot to block off enemies paths and place heavier forms of cover in doorways and entryways to block access to them for a moment, giving you a moment to retaliate.

Help Teammates At All Costs

Teammates are, by far, the best asset you have at your disposal in H.A.Z.A.R.D. Nothing beats another experienced gunner, or a nice meat shield, in case their horrible at the game or just plain dumb. 

Teammates can only do so much by themselves, however. Try keeping them alive with health, armor and ammo as best as you can. If a teammate is in dire need of help or is telling you to stay away from a certain area, it'd probably be wise to listen to them. Remember, teammates can also follow orders. Issue your own commands to aid your team in their attempt at victory.

Now let's get on to some other things. While nice to hang around with, try to stick a few feet away from your friends. Enemies will have a much easier time hurting both you and a teammate if you group up, so trying moving around and shooting to make it harder for the enemy team to kill you both. This is also helpful due to something known as Friendly Fire, a phenomenon where a fellow player will accidentally harm a teammate if they happen to get in their line of fire. This can easily be avoided by simply sticking behind the player in question or telling them where you plan to move next (In-Game Chat or Commands). Try not to get too many people inside of a vehicle at one time. While this may seem like a good idea, an enemy will have a much easier time killing a vehicle than a player (in some aspects), and due to the explosion of said vehicle you will instantly die. 

Have a bit of fun while playing with other gamers. Use gestures and other actions to try and enlighten your comrades mood, you'd be surprised what a few random jumps and shooting could do for a guy who just lost his job. Also, you and a friend will actually gain bonus experience when at least two of you are playing together (approximately 10% more), so always try to play games with you best bud! 

You might also notice some cool things you can do in H.A.Z.A.R.D with a buddy. Some objectives, cover and even assasinations are just that much easier with a friend. Having trouble getting rid of heavy object in front of a checkpoint? Ask a fellow Heavy to easily move it out of the way for you and make sure to watch his back.

Finally, cover up your teams weaknesses. If you notice hardly anyone in the game is going as a Light class, try being one yourself. It's typically a better idea to have a team of balanced characters then a team of only Mediums and Heavies. When a point is being captured by a lone teammate, try aiding them in the process, just incase the enemy team tries to pull something. Also, if a teammates having a hard time killing an enemy, try helping them yourself. Being a team player will help you and your pals win games much faster and easier if you keep at it (and stop being a lone wolf, of course).

F.U.N Facts

1.) Did you know that a Vularion Gnasher could fully devour a Heavy in less than two minutes?

2.) All three Factions in H.A.Z.A.R.D ignore pain in three different ways. As time went on, Vularions eventually adapted pain out of themselves completely, mainly due to the fact that their bodies would heal themselves nearly instantly over and over again if any amount of damage was sustained, effectively making pain pointless. The Avareth simply ignore pain by ingesting/injecting solutions into themselves that can easily shut down their pain-sensing stimuli, the drugs themselves sometimes destroying them competely. As for the Panover, they managed to find ways of mentally ignoring such pain thanks to their years out in the wilderness and their constant battle for survival. They do this by subjecting themselves to large amounts of pain, the pain eventually being unfelt after they enter their focused state. They can stay in this state for hours at a time, allowing them to fully ignore anything that comes their way.


Just for giggles, H.A.Z.A.R.D has a few secrets scattered it's multiple campaigns, including some that only appear during certain gamemodes in Multiplayer. To start with, we'll explore the game's references to other games, or as others like to call them...

Easter Eggs

Many references are placed around H.A.Z.A.R.D's environment, but there are a few that are the most prominent. Let's begin, shall we ladies and gentlemen?

1.) Steel Goliaths Mech

After the player finds the first example of the Fiend mech during Campaign, the player can actually look behind the Fiend and (after following the pathway) can find an odd Mech at the very end. The Mech itself appears to be blue, the mech adornished with dual blaster arms and two large rocket launchers on the shoulders. After closer examination, the Mech itself seems to resemble the one on the Steel Goliaths game cover and even has two symbols on it's right arm. One simply reads "Real Steel G" while the other says "Good Luck Buddy." After direct eye contact with the Mech has been made, Merix will comment the machine by stating that it looks like it could "go twelve rounds with a Boxer and come out on top." After the Easter Eggs discovery, the player will unlock a small Trinket for use in Multiplayer, the trinket resembling Infinity Development's logo.

2.) Halo Helmet, Sword and Skull

While entering the Avarethian Testing Facility during Co-Op, the player must have at least one other person to access the Garbage Bay sub-level. After completing a series of computer mazes (one player going through while the other moves objects to let him pass), the Garbage Bay will become unlocked. If both players manage to uncover the discolored sections of trash (which must be cleaned by shooting or meleeing), both players can find a Master-Chief like helmet covered in small amounts of grime with a cracked visor with three slashes sketched into the right side of it underneath the last pile. There are three piles in total, the first revealing a broken Plasma Sword handle and the second showcasing a cracked Elite skull. After the discovery of all three of these, each character will talk about how the items seem similar to something they saw "in a game store once." After this, the player (and whoever was in the game at the time) will unlock a trinket similar in appearance to the Halo's series Oddball item for multiplayer use. 

3.) Borderlands Claptrap and Buzz Axe

After the player enters Serenity's Complex for the first time during the singleplayer campaign, the player might notice a broken window to the far left of the building (located behind a series of metallic components), which upon closer inspection, reveals a room. The window itself can be climbed through, and after doing so allows the player to walk around the small room. Inside the room is a small table with a rectangular object placed on top of it. The object is colored yellow, a white line streaked across it horizontally. The object also has a semi-large pizza-cutter like axe embedded into the front of it, which if touched, causes Merix to state the weapon seems to be "very aerodynamic" and that the yellow object "seems like it would be obnoxius". After the item's discovery, the player will unlock a trinket similar to the Borderlands loot chest that can be used in multiplayer matches.

4.) Destiny Ghost Shell

While playing the Multiplayer map Grandeval, players can find a secret area behind the northern tower. Besides being great for waljumping or wallrunning, the walls themselves appear to be tarnished, except one. This wall has an odd symbol resembling Bungie's own logo, which, if the player shoots exactly in it's indentations, will cause a blue stream of data to fill up the logo, with the stream leaving the area into the sky in the shape of a Ghost. It will also award the player with a small Trinket after the match is over with. The Trinket itself appears to be a Ghost from the popular series, Destiny, in it's default shell.

5.) Bioshock Skyhook and Big Daddy

6.) Dead Space Plasma Cutter

7.) Mass Effect Armor

8.) Metroid Prime Frozen Metroid

9.) Half-Life Dissected Headcrab

10.) Portal Companion Cube

11.) Fallout Pip-Boy 3000

12.) Gears of War Mark 2 Lancer

Special Thanks

I'm just writing this section once again to thank all of my friends who have seriously helped in the development of H.A.Z.A.R.D, and to state where they'll be during the credits. I sincerely thank everyone for helping, have fun guys!

P.S: I might just be adding this as well so I can see who I'm giving the game's early access too. Maybe.

ILoveBeefJerkey (Editor)

I'd like to thank my good friend Jerky for his considerable amount of help during the production of H.A.Z.A.R.D. Even after his help involving ideas, Jerky goes above and beyond and continues to edit and fix spelling mistakes on the page and try his best to make the page look beautifully written. Thank you buddy, you've always been there for me when I needed it, and I sincerely appreciate it. 

SniperWolf316 (Artist)

Who can forget about my awesome friend Sniper? Even with his constant headaches and pains, he still tries his best to give me and the gang as many ideas as possible. Sniper himself has also asked to do some concept art for the game, and I'd love it if he could. He is an incredibly skilled artist with a knack for finding friends, and I'm glad I got to meet him. Thanks so much man, I can't wait for your work in the future.

Concept ArtEdit

  • Possibly the last rough draft of Xaem's general design.
  • A rough draft of Rema's design.
  • The first draft of Xaem's design.
  • The second rough draft of Xaem's general design.
  • One design of Xaem's armor.
  • One rough design for the Vul's lightest class, the Gnasher.