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Bloodbrothers is a first-person hero shooter video game designed and developed by Elegant Attack and is self-published. The game is largely built around multiplayer matches between two teams of five, featuring a large and sprawling cast of Operators across a variety of maps and game modes. Read more...

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Welcome to Game Creators Universe Wiki

Welcome to the Game Creators Universe Wiki

The goal on this wiki is to share the best game ideas with each other, while also having a sense of competition and cooperation between ourselves.

Becoming a member is easy. If you have enough dedication, you can make your way to the top of the writers on this wiki and to become a well-known and respected member. Have ambition in your ideas, let other writers help you and follow the rules. Every game idea is permitted. You can add things as ridiculous as the might seem, but these creative things make your work stand out. Be creative and let your ambition thrive you to get better.

We're a close-knit community. This means that we'll have events besides regular ideas like a wiki-wide role-play or competition in which everyone can participate. We also like to get to know each other in the chat. Feel free to join anytime, it's always appreciated. Make also sure friends of you on other wiki's who like to create game ideas get to know this wiki. New members are always welcome here.

We do have a sense of professionalism in our ideas. Please do not get angry when your page gets cleaned up, moved or renamed. We won't delete an idea that quickly. Be advised that you are in the same universe as the other writers. Saying you're the best needs to be proved by your work, you can't decide that by yourself. For other restrictions, visit the Rules page.

So far we have a great number of 17,716 total edits on this wiki!

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